Low Cost Euthanasia 

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is always difficult. To help alleviate some of the burden, Humane Society of West Michigan offers low-cost euthanasia for pet owners.

  • Rabbits & small critters: $40.00
  • Cats: $40.00
  • Dogs under 25lbs: $40.00
  • Dogs 26-50lbs: $60.00
  • Dogs 51-70lbs: $70.00
  • Dogs over 71lbs: $80.00

Euthanasia services are available by appointment only.

Please email admitting@hswestmi.org or call (616) 453-0175 or (616) 453-7492 for more information or to schedule an appointment. If you have questions about the procedure please make sure to discuss them with our staff when calling for an appointment. We would be happy to assist you. Please note: owners are not allowed in the room while procedure is taking place.

We can dispose of the remains through a memorial cremation, or the owner may retain them for home burial. We also offer several cremation options for an additional cost through Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery, as listed below.

Memorial Cremation
With a memorial cremation service, several pet companions are cremated at the same time. The remains are then interred on our grounds. Please note: when selecting a memorial cremation service, remains are not returned to you. There is no additional cost over base euthanasia fee for this service.

Semi-private Cremation
More than one pet companion is placed in the crematory during the cremation process, but they are in separate areas of the crematory and remain segregated throughout the process - the ashes do not get mingled. As with the private cremation service, you will receive only your pet companions remains returned to you in decorative floral tin marked with their name, identification number and a certificate of cremation. 

Fee: $55 to $245 dependent on animal size.

Private Cremation
As with human cremation, your pet companion is placed alone in the crematorium during the cremation process. Your companions remains are returned to you in a decorative floral tin marked with their name, identification number and a certificate of cremation.

Fee: $100 to $325 dependent on animal size.