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UPDATE on Bill 5916/5917: 

Now More Than Ever, call and meet face-to-face with your House Representative.

Yesterday, May 16, animal advocates opposed "The Petland Bills."  Unfortunately, the bills passed out of committee.

Chairman Tom Barrett pushed the bills through the House Agriculture Committee.  Votes were cast down party lines, except not all of the Republicans supported the bills. Representative Gary Howell voted yes, but he said he plans to vote no on the floor. Thank you Representative Howell! All the Democrats voted no today, except Representative Phil Phelps  who passed. 

HB 5916/5917 will now move to the house floor for readings and a vote before going to the Senate side. 

Again, now more than ever it is important that everyone call their representative to oppose the bills. They could move quickly.

Our representatives need to know that this is not an animal welfare bill and we need to call and meet in person if possible.  We learned yesterday, not many people have called or met with their representative.  Now's the time!




It has been approximately one year since Barking Boutique, a puppy retail store selling pure bred puppies, opened in Grandville.  HSWM staff, volunteers, board members, donors, and and other members of the community have been actively protesting against this puppy retail store, communicating the importance of adoption as the best option. Protesters have been meeting with Grandville City Commissioners, and providing testimony against Barking Boutique since last year.


Pam Sordyl, Founder of Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan and Founder of Michigan Friends of Companion Animals, has been instrumental in protesting Barking Boutique and providing us guidance.  Pam is also pulling together Michigan humane societies, shelters and rescues to oppose House Bills 5916/5917. The House Agriculture committee is hearing more testimony on these bills tomorrow, 5/16, after meeting last Wednesday.  There is the potential that a vote will occur.  Many are gathering from across the state to provide testimony in opposition of this legislation that would protect inhumane practices at puppy mills and pet stores.  Humane Society of West Michigan will be there.  


Pam put together the following information that I'd like to share with all of you:


HB 5916/5917, referred to as “the Petland bills” after the legislation’s primary backer, would allow pet stores in Michigan to continue sourcing from large-scale, inhumane commercial breeding facilities and to continue to sell sick puppies to the public, while at the time stripping cities, towns, and counties in the state of the authority to address this issue. Three existing ordinances that prohibit the sale of puppy mill puppies that have been passed in Eastpointe, Fraser, and New Baltimore would be voided as a result of this legislation. 


HB 5916/5917 are an attack on local control and animal welfare, and are being met with strong opposition from the pet-loving population of Michigan.


There is a movement across the nation to prohibit the sale of puppy mill puppies in pet stores. Maryland lawmakers unanimously approved such a measure last month, joining California and over 260 localities across 20 states.


“HB5916 suggests that pet stores will have more regulations and puppy buyers will have full access to breeder information, but the real problems happen long before the puppies arrive in the stores,” said Pam Sordyl, founder of Michigan Friends of Companion Animals and Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan. “No amount of enforcement in Michigan is going to ensure that breeders follow the highest standards when breeding or provide expensive veterinary care necessary in large-scale operations. Puppies from the industry’s new showcase kennels are still arriving with many abnormalities including generic issues as a result of poor breeding. “


“Our shelter’s dedicated animal care professionals have seen firsthand the suffering that is the result of the large-scale breeding of dogs for the pet industry,” said Trudy Ender, Executive Director of the Humane Society of West Michigan in Grand Rapids. “As a result, we support efforts by citizens in West Michigan to stop the sale of puppies in pet stores, and to promote the adoption of rescued animals instead. HB 5916/5917 is a step in the wrong direction and goes against the wishes of the people of Michigan who oppose the cruelty of puppy mills.”


Now it's time to act and it's not too late:   

1. Call your state representative and ask him/her to oppose H.B. 5916/5917

2. Send a follow-up email to your state representative urging opposition to H.B. 5917. 


Here's a sample you can read to your state rep when you call and email.


Dear Representative,

As a constituent, I write to ask you to oppose H.B. 5916/5917, which protects the cruel pet breeding industry and takes away the authority of local governments to regulate the retail sale of puppies in their communities.

Dogs in commercial breeding operations are often kept in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization. In addition to the inhumane treatment these animals receive, dogs bred in poor conditions produce puppies that may suffer health and behavior problems. Families who purchase these puppies often are faced to deal with costly financial and deep emotional consequences of caring for an ill or behaviorally challenged dog.

H.B. 5916/5917 is designed to allow pet stores in Michigan to continue sourcing from these inhumane commercial breeding facilities and strip cities, towns and counties in Michigan of their power to address this issue.

As your constituent, I ask you again to please oppose H.B. 5916/5917. Thank you for your your compassion for the innocent lives of puppies and dogs.