Third Party Events

Thank you for your interest in hosting a fundraiser or event benefiting Humane Society of West Michigan. In order to keep our animals happy and healthy, we need your support!

We strive to support fundraising events to the greatest extent possible with the resources we have; however, we kindly ask that all such events follow Humane Society of West Michigan guidelines and be approved in advance. Event Interest Forms should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled event, although a minimum of thirty days is preferred.

Each proposal will be carefully reviewed for feasibility and suitability with our organization's mission, goals and objectives. This is an important safeguard to preserving the integrity of Humane Society of West Michigan and our commitment to raise the funds necessary to fulfill our mission in a cost-efficient and effective manner. Third Party Events must be consistent with HSWM’s mission to promote the humane treatment and responsible care of animals in West Michigan through education, example, placement and protection.

To ensure the best possible outcome for your event, we have developed guidelines, tips, and an application that will help keep your fundraiser aligned with our mission and brand. 

Please complete our Partnership Event Interest Form and a member of the HSWM team will connect with you to start the process.

Questions? Please contact Megan Ellinger, HSWM Events Coordinator, at or 616-791-8089.

Click here for the online form or click here for the paper form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Third-Party Fundraising Event?

A third-party event is any fundraising activity organized by a non-affiliated group or individual where HSWM serves as a partner and beneficiary. 

What happens after I submit the form?

Although we actively encourage third party fundraising events, all events must be approved by HSWM before taking place. This is an important safeguard to preserving the integrity of the HSWM name and brand.

Once approved, we can provide guidance for your event and discuss the ways in which we can help in the publicity and implementation of the event.

Does HSWM provide assistance in executing events?

We try to help with every event possible; however, due to staff and time limitations we are not able to attend every event.

If you would like HSWM staff and adoptable animals at your event, we do require a minimum $100 donation for every hour in order to cover the associated staffing, animal care, and transportation costs.

Fundraising Tips

1. In some cases, HSWM is able to provide staff, volunteers, or animals to be present at a booth or designated area for your function. If you feel that staff or volunteer presence is needed at your event, please feel free to let us know and we will do our best to arrange what is requested.

2. HSWM can post flyers or other information about your event at our facility, on our website, through social media, or through our media connections as space and time allows. If you are interested in specific forms of event promotion, please let us know when filling out the interest form so we can make those arrangements.

3. HSWM is unable to provide the addresses of our members, donors, staff, board members and/or volunteers to any outside organization.

4. If partial proceeds of your event will be donated to HSWM, we would like to know what percentage will be donated. In addition, we would like to know a date when the donation will be made.

5. When referring to the organization in any promotions, please use the official title "Humane Society of West Michigan”.

6. If your event includes any promotional print material, please let us know so that we can help in the design process if needed and can provide you with our official logo and brand color standards.

7. Whenever possible, HSWM should receive a list of targeted sponsors for the event before they are approached to minimize overlap with other events and/or fundraising campaigns that may be underway, if applicable.

8. Event organizers are responsible for obtaining all permits, especially those for raffles and/or games of chance.

9. Please send any donations you've collected, noting your specific event, to: Humane Society of West Michigan, attn. Development Department, 3077 Wilson Dr. NW Grand Rapids, M1 49534. If you wish to visit our facility for a check presentation, this is an option as well.

10. For any questions, please feel free to contact Megan Ellinger, HSWM Events Coordinator, at or 616-791-8089.