The enthusiasm the public has for our mission is a key factor in the ongoing success of HSWM’s efforts and allows us to give our animals a second chance at life by getting adopted into a new, loving “forever home.” Humane Society of West Michigan is 100% donor funded and relies on the generosity of individuals, organizations, and companies to provide comprehensive care and shelter for the 3000+ animals who come through our door each year.

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Make donating easy with PAWS (Pre-Authorized Withdraw System)! We can automatically withdrawal a monthly donation from your credit card or bank account. PAWS donations are also cost-effective, which means that your donation goes further to help the animals that we serve.

If you are ready to become a PAWS member, please click here or fill out this form. If would like more information, please contact Brittany Cekola at or 616-791-8057.


Shelter Sponsorships are seen daily by the thousands of visitors who come to Humane Society of West Michigan each year.  Shelter Sponsorship are a thoughtful way to memorialize a beloved family member, pay tribute to a family pet (past or present) and are an effective way to advertise a business. These annual sponsorship also promote community involvement and show support of our shelter’s work. The proceeds from these sponsorship help us care for the over 4,000 animals that pass through HSWM’s doors each year. This type of financial support allows us to continue our various community outreach programs such as spay and neutering services, vaccine clinics and food assistance programs for low-income pet owners. For more information and how to sign up, see our Shelter Sponsorship Packet.